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3 Weeks in Spain

This itinerary is plotted for 3 weeks, but feel free to adjust it to fit your situation, whether that means omitting or adding cities or changing modes of transportation. In any case, Spain is a remarkable country with thousands of years of history, architecture, gastronomy, viticulture and intrigue. The cities you’ll visit along way on this particular itinerary will expand your mind and impart new vigor into yours and your fellow travelers persona. It’s been tested!

Madrid, Spain
4 Days
5 hr drive
Sevilla, Spain
1 Day
7 hour drive
Burgos, Spain
1 Day
1.5 hr drive
Logro├▒o, Spain
3 Days
35 min drive
Haro, Spain
1 Day
1.5 hr drive
San Sebastián, Spain
3 Days
6 hr drive
Barcelona, Spain
5 Days
30 min drive
Lisboa, Portugal
1 Day
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