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Road Trip from Los Angeles to Napa: 3 Stunning Stops

Stop at these three stunning stops during a road trip from Los Angeles to Napa. Two days is recommended to do this trip, but it is possible to do it one.

Travelling lengthwise up California wine country also allows you to see how climate impacts the same varietal in similar regions. Pinot Noirs from the Russian River Valley in Sonoma, for instance, can be darker in color with more body. In warmer sections of the region, this can produce Syrah-like Pinot Noirs. Santa Barbara County, though it shares similarly well-drained soil conditions with Sonoma, produces Pinot Noirs with a big mouth feel because of the relatively steady temperatures and seldom rainfall that provide for a long growing period that allow the grapes to mature before harvest. 

Los Angeles, CA, USA
1 Day
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
1 Day
1.5 hour drive from Santa Barbara
Santa Maria, CA, USA
1 Day
2.5 hours
Monterey, CA, USA
1 Day
Napa Valley, CA, USA
1 Day
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